Student Spotlight: Lucas McWeeney



Lucas Mcweeney sitting in the library at seminar

Freshman year hasn’t been too bad according to DP Innovate student Lucas McWeeney.

“The people [have] so far [been] difficult. It’s been rough, but at school [it’s] not too bad. I like Innovate. I like the classes that DP itself offers. It’s pretty good here,” Lucas said.

As much as they’re liking school, they think that some things at DP should change, especially the emotional empathy of some teachers.

“Probably just the amount of people that are like really not understanding a lot of things and [are] mean. Not even just the kids, but the teachers do a lot of inconvenience. I would change the behaviors of those around me just to be more empathetic,” they said.

Another thing they enjoy doing is listening to music. Their favorite group is ICP (Insane Clown Policy). Although with the “Off and Away” policy that DP enforces, it’s really hard to listen to music to help the focus during class.

“I barely ever stop listening. I do a lot of my work better with music in general and it just sucks that I have to turn it off, because it helps me just having something there to not listen to those talking,” they said.

Aside from school, Lucas likes going to their Grandpa’s sandwich shop.

“My Grandpa runs a deli and he makes sandwiches for people. He has a whole business, Three Pickles. I get free sandwiches from there. My favorite food is the Italian cold. Really good,” they said.

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