Student Spotlight: Andrew Gentry


Brenjamin Potoski

Junior Andrew Gentry wearing the sweatshirt of his robotics program.

Through the time and effort he puts into outside activities, Junior Andrew Gentry exemplifies what it means to be “involved in extracurricular activities.”

He spends much of his day in school with the track and field team or with the robotics team. Andrew found himself on the track and field team due to his enjoyment of running after being on the cross country team.

Andrew runs the 400 meter. The 400 meter is an unpopular distance among runners, but Andrew uses it to progress to other events, such as the 4×400 meter.

“During my 400 meter run off in track and field, I did pretty well and that motivated me to keep training for the 400, so I can hopefully be on the four by four,” he said.

All of this involvement comes at a cost though.

“I do not get a lot of sleep,” Andrew said. “Maybe seven hours [a night].”

Andrew also participates in robotics competitions on the Octobots robotics team. He does so out of a desire to create.

“I’ve always enjoyed building things and robotics does that for me,” Andrew said.

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