Student Spotlight: Phoebe Ramirez


Katie Rockenbach

Phoebe Ramirez shows off her rings that she made.

Junior Phoebe Ramirez makes her own jewelry. She got started by seeing photos and videos of people making jewelry on Pinterest. She also used Pinterest to learn how to make her own jewelry.

“There’s like little clips, and I would go off of those little clips or, if they weren’t clear enough, I would go off YouTube to learn,” said Phoebe.

Phoebe’s interest in jewelry was sparked during the COVID lockdowns.

“I was not a jewelry person. But COVID hit and I [was] just like what am I gonna do with my time? So I just started doing that and just liking jewelry more and started wearing it more,” she said.

Phoebe mainly makes earrings and rings, which she can be seen wearing around school. She mostly sticks with the same style.

“I could go out of my comfort zone…I have in the past. Just got to push myself and do it,” Phoebe said.

Her favorite part of making jewelry is being able to wear her creations with an outfit.

“I make specific rings just for an outfit sometimes,” she said.

Sometimes Phoebe will make her friends jewelry upon request.

“If they see it and they’re like, oh my god, can you make me one? I’m like, of course. Just give me two bucks. Or like three bucks. So it’s like a little business also,” she said.

She enjoys learning new techniques and getting better at her craft.

“I guess learning better ways of crafting because before I was really bad, but then I progressively got better and better once I started doing it,” she said.

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