Student Spotlight: Manuel Delgado


Jacob Molina

Senior Manuel Delgado standing outside of the M buildings. Manuel is learning to play guitar and plans to record songs in the future.

Senior Manuel Delgado has had a guitar his whole life, but only recently dusted it off and decided to give it a try. He’s been playing for less than a month and has been entirely self-taught, learning how to write, play, and record music.

Manuel, who goes by Manny, said he was inspired by an artist he likes named Cuco, who is a guitarist.
“I could do that,” Manny thought after hearing his music.

Manny said that he’s the only one in his family who plays music and enjoys listening to pop and rap. Although he’s still figuring out his music style, he expressed an interest in wanting to write and sing breakup-related songs.

For now, though, Manny said he’s just looking to improve.

Manny said he’s planning to potentially go to SBCC, and currently enjoys his government class. He enjoys hanging out with friends and said his favorite part of the school day was its end.

“I’ll go home; take a nap,” Manny said about what he does after fourth period.

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