Student Spotlight: Finian Spach

Finian Spach is a junior at Dos Pueblos. He loves reading and writing, playing ultimate frisbee, and is currently trying to start a podcast.

He has been trying to start this podcast for a few years now but has been unsuccessful as “everything always breaks.” His podcast’s subject is yet to be determined, but he loves listening to “The Adventure Podcast” by Terra Incognita.

Finn loves fantasy books. He really likes “Six of Crows”, but said, “I don’t know if it’s my favorite of all time. I don’t like picking favorites because I have commitment issues.”

However, he did say that his favorite thing about DP is that it’s less serious than other schools in our district, and also that it’s not like the stereotypical high school experience. “Everybody kind of already knows everybody here, there’s connections and it’s more intimate… everyone’s on the same level,” he said.

Nonetheless, he really wishes that Mondays were a late start day instead of Tuesdays.

As for an area of improvement at DP, he thinks that everyone should respect their teachers a lot more than they do at. “[We are] heading towards that long stretch of time where everybody just doesn’t care anymore cause there’s no more breaks or anything…I feel like people are getting more rowdy.”

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