Student Spotlight: Sophia Abbott


Leo Quinkert

DP sophomore Sophia Abbott pictured outside the library in March 2023

Quinky: What hobbies do you have?

Sophia: I really like stuff like arts and music, like, I like singing, playing piano, crochet, painting, all that stuff.

Quinky: What is your favorite song?

Sophia: Oh, jeez. It changes, like, every day, but right now it’s probably “Out of My League.”

Quinky: Do you have any pets?

Sophia: Yes, I have a cat named Olive and I love her very much.

Quinky: What is your favorite food?
Sophia: That’s hard. I like a lot of foods, but I really, really like Greek salad.
Quinky: What do you think of “Off and Away”?
Sophia: I think it’s a good thing. In class you should be focusing.
Quinky: What is your favorite class this semester?
Sophia: Probably AP World [History].
Quinky: What is your opinion on DP overall?
Sophia: I think it’s definitely a good school. I really like the campus. I think the teachers are nice and there are good programs.

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