The Best TV Shows According to Dos Pueblos Students


Logan Surber

Ranking of the top 3 TV shows from the survey

The list of DP’s favorite TV shows is highly diverse. From new dramas to musical comedies and thrilling sci-fi, a variety of genres are loved by students at DP.
Here’s what students voted as the top TV shows.

Top 5 Most Popular TV Shows at DP:
Stranger Things Season 3
Breaking Bad
Avatar the Last Airbender
Criminal Minds
Outer Banks Season 3

Stranger Things, a hit Netflix series, is the top TV show at DP, and well-liked in the US. After spending the last two years hovering around the Top 10, the show reached the #1 ranking in the most streamed shows in the US.

Some shows, like the highly anticipated third season of Outer Banks launching on Netflix, are popular for binge-watching.
Students also mentioned the following TV shows as their favorites.

Honorable Mentions:

Gilmore Girls

Queen’s Gambit

South Park


The Office

The Crown

Gossip Girl

Brooklyn 99

Scream Series

On My Block

SpongeBob SquarePants

Seinfeld (selected by Mr. Woodard)

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