Trevor’s Two Mile (AKA The Best Area at School)

For many, school can be a dreadful place, but it doesn’t always have to be. Have you ever heard of the saying “find light where there seems to be none?” Well, it’s very true! Here’s where you can find light at DP.

Trevor’s Two Mile

Sign for entrance by the back of the baseball fields (Iceon Anderson)

Trevor’s Two Mile is a little forest area located behind the school by the gravel baseball parking arena. Personally I’ve been back here many times and it is by far the best hidden area in the school. When I was back here, I noticed a lot of runners, so this seems to be one of the tracks that the track team runs around. This area includes a nice river that runs through just about all of it, tall overhead trees, and cool animals.

Areas In TTM

Foliage throughout the trail (Iceon Anderson)

The Many Trees

Iceon Anderson
Path along the trail (Iceon Anderson)
Iceon Anderson

I think many can agree to some extent that trees are beautiful, and TTM has plenty.

2. The Creek

Iceon Anderson
Iceon Anderson
Creek (Iceon Anderson)

Although students shouldn’t be down in this creek during school hours, it sure is tempting. This incredibly soothing sounding creek lays along the outer regions of the forest path.

3. The Open Part

Iceon Anderson
Meadow while first walking to the entrance (Iceon Anderson)
Meadow (Iceon Anderson)

Depending which way you enter TTM, this place is when you split paths. This area is really neat because it reflects light extremely well and there’s a bunch of pretty yellow mustard flowers that cover the ground.

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