Winning Write-A-Thon 2024 Entries: True Original Award

“How the first eclipse happened: Total Eclipse of Lebron” by Saron Oboli
Winning Write-A-Thon 2024 Entries: True Original Award

The moon is evil lebron, and the sun is lebonbon. Two opposites beings intertwined in a beautiful union. Their features are the same, both masculine and strong. But they aren’t treated the same. The world loves lebonbon, his athletic figure, charming personality, beautiful candor, and most importantly his scibbidi brawn but the world isn’t evil lebron thought the beloved Lebonbon “They don’t know how sigma he is, they don’t know his humor, they don’t know how his cool,dark skin could be comforting in times of exhaustion”. It’s a shame how evil lebron has been villainized just because he shares the same name as lebron and his shy demeanor, society has truly pit the two together, unfortunately for them they secretly hold high affection for each other. “Art thou Le bon bon”, yearns the evil lebron, he clandestinely wishes to feel the warm embrace of his one true love. How could they ever feel each other’s touch when they were supposed to hate each other? As he yearns he notices a shift in the air and a sudden brightness in his dark Ohio chamber. It’s almost like he’s here thought the meek evil lebron. “Hello my darling” said a booming voice, it was lebonbon! “Oh lebonbon your here, want to play basketball with me, in private of course” exclaimed evil lebron. “ Why do you always say in private? Don’t you want other people to know you’re mine?” “ I don’t want your reputation to get tarnished at the expense of me,Lebonbon.” Said the sad evil lebron. “Why do they hate you, we are both scibbidi lebrons, aren’t we one?” Said lebonbon. “Y-you’re right but the only person it’ll harm is you” “Is that why you only roam at night, you fear people to the point you don’t leave your chamber till everyone slumbers, Well I don’t care, let’s show the world who you really are.” So they went for a walk, and you know what happened? The world loved the lebrons every touch and interaction they had was a marvelous display of sigma and had blessed the eyes of the humans. Their love and emotion was so strong they had to wear glasses to stop their alpha rays. The lebrons together oddly compelled the humans to sing the song you are my sunshine in unison. The gorgeous Soiree had made evil lebron quite happy with his decision, “they appreciate our love”. But the usually bright and warm air permeating around  lebonbon was sullen. He had realized something that he never thought he would ever feel. “ I don’t want the world to see evil lebron, at least not until a long time. I only want him for myself”. 

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