Winning Write-A-Thon 2024 Entries: Third Place

“The Ventil’s Story of Creation” by Lillian Gren
Winning Write-A-Thon 2024 Entries: Third Place

(Please note this is the creation myth for a made-up species of fantasy creature and does not intend to make correlations to other religious stories.) 


“Once, a long time ago, when Time was young and the universe was but a child, there was Nothing. Nothing that stretched as far as eyes could see and wings could fly and beyond even that. Nothing that surrounded and suffocated and was. It had been Nothing forever, older than time itself, and it would continue to be Nothing forever and ever and ever. An eternal space, with the complete and total absence of anything and everything at all, except for Nothing.


And then there was Something. Something else. Something…new.


“Was it more Nothing? This is getting old…”


“Shhh! Shut up!”


Will you let me continue please?

…thank you. 


Ancient Magiks flowed freely throughout Nothing. They had been there alongside Nothing, twining like roots through an eternal underground. It was bound by none, free to create chaos and spread harmony as it wished.


“Wait. Doesn’t that totally undermine the concept of nothing?”

“Can it, Duckie!” 

“But he has a point—”


If you would like me to continue, I need silence. 


“…Yeah, Hayden. Shut up. I want to hear this.” 


The day that Something happened, the Ancient Magiks poured into a single point, allowing Her to rise from within them. 

She was The Great Mother, Creator of All. The First ventil. 

For time unknown she floated alone in the dark. Until, one day, she became restless. She required something else. A light, to stop her endless night. So, scooping from the Great Pools, she created our world through Magic, what you humans call the Earth. She pinched with her fingers to lift and sculpt the mountain ranges. When she tilled the new ground with her fingertips, fresh grass sprung up, creating forests that cloaked the world in a blanket of fertility. Upon seeing her creation complete for the first time, her tears of joy fell and became the oceans and rivers. The light of joy she felt inside basked the planet in a golden glow of pride, and her solemn sense of duty shone in sterling silver.

“And then She had a nap on the Sabbath day.”

Why would one rest after such creation? Would you not celebrate and bask in its existence? 

“No, wait, I was just—never mind. Keep going. Please.” 

Although The Great Mother now had something to look after and care for, She found Her new creation lacking; it was as silent and cold as the rest of the cosmos. So, taking a handful of seaspray from the ocean, soil from the earth and clouds from the top of Her skies, She did as the Pools before her did and She created Something. She created Life.

The Three Queens, they were called. A trinity of the first Ventils to walk in our world. Three Sisters who would bring life to this empty world.

The eldest was called Elowem, the sturdy trunk of the Earth, her hair the shifting leaf tops and her eyes containing the secrets of sap and amber from the ancient age. From her treetops came songbirds, filling the forests with their beautiful symphonies. When she sang, her notes filled the nooks and crannies of the woods with animals to join in the splendor of the world above. Flowers grew beyond as she sat, the largest of those imitating her stoic frame, and the lightest step she took could make the world tremble.

The middle was Izara, the guardian of the sky. Her breath carried with her the breeze, her tears resonating with the clouds around her and forming rain. If she were angry, the world below would be plagued with endless blizzards and howling winds, the fiercest lightning heralding her presence. She was the master to the gates of the planet itself; no one could pass beyond the border of clouds if she forbade it. Her wings cloaked the world and cast a shower of rainbow lights as she traced her path through the sky. 

The youngest was Aveline, the voice of the sea. Hers was unlike that of any other; so sweet and powerful, the mere sound of it coaxed the most wild and exotic colors to burst into existence under the water, rivaling that of her sisters. She sang the tides into existence, each swell and tidal wave a crescendo in her never-ending ballad. 

The Great Mother cared for her creations as if they were her own flesh and blood. She called them her daughters, and they loved The Great Mother with everything they had to give. However, as the centuries passed, the sisters became discontented with their life. They grew distant from their mother.

Elowem was the first to step out. She was lonely in her great forests, and had no way to visit her sisters. She could not laugh and smile with freedom as they did. So, she made a companion from the dirt beneath her feet and the flowers she grew. One who could make her feel as free as her sisters were. She called him Cephas, and he filled his role with pride. The tears of her joy watered her land and let the plants under her thick canopy flourish for centuries to come, and their union filled the land with Ventils of Earth. 

The Great Mother grew darker. She feared for her daughter’s well-being, but did not intervene. She warned the other two against creating life, but they did not listen.

The next to step out was Izara. She longed to roam the skies with someone who could be her match, as fiery and ruthless as the storms she cast down. She made a companion from thunderheads and lightning, and deemed her Fiamet. They brought the skies to harmony, allowing Izara to create blue skies where Fiamet brought storms, and their union filled the air with Ventils of Sky.

The Great Mother grew more wary of this news, and so shifted attention to her youngest daughter. But even she soon fell victim to love’s grasp. 

Aveline grew weary of singing for no one, longing for the one who could finish her endless song. She created a companion from seafoam and shells, and named him Kishi. His long and slender form embraced Aveline, able to keep up as she flowed with each passing tide. Their union brought about the Ventils of Water, and so exist the tribes as we know now.

The Great Mother was furious. She didn’t want anything to change. She wanted her daughters to stay with her forever….and she was prepared to go the lengths to make sure they never left.

Ahem, girl mom says what?”


“Called it—OW!”

“I thought I told you to SHUT UP!”

“Guys, come on. Listen to the story.”

Thank you. 

The Great Mother’s jealousy and fear overtook the light in her heart, cloaking her world in darkness. And, in the mere moments there was no light, The Great Mother did the unthinkable.

With a single breath, she had absorbed what was once part of her back into herself, her daughters no longer present in the physical realm. But that wasn’t enough. She took Fiamet by the wings and reduced them to ash, leaving her to fall to the Earth like a dying star. But that still wasn’t enough. She took Kishi by the chest and threw him into the sky, squeezing the water from his lungs so he could never return. But even that wasn’t enough. She took Cephas by his legs and threw him into the sea, mangling them to where he could not stand. 

When the shadows of her rage had faded, the queens were gone. So were their lovers. They had vanished from their places, never to be seen again. Without their leaders, the Ventil packs soon parted and formed packs of their own species, retreating into the underground. 

The Great Mother, who had stolen the bodies of her daughters but not their minds, soon realized her mistake. She was trapped with her daughters’ never-ending tears, cursed to live with their lamenting until the end of time. 

At last, she could no longer bear the pain of not seeing her children. Taking her eyes, one in each hand, she let what little pride and duty she still had flow into them, turning them into the Sun and Moon. Delicately placing them around her world to watch over Us in her absence, she let herself fade away into the Nothing, back to the Ancient Pools from which she came. 

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