Student Spotlight: Satya Zumbroegel


Andrew Forsland

Sophomore Satya Zumbroegel in the DP library.

Satya Zumbroegel is a sophomore at Dos Pueblos. An activity she does outside of school is dance.

“I used to compete when I was younger,” Satya said. “But now I do…contemporary and jazz and stuff. And I train four days a week.”

Satya said the biggest difference between her sophomore and freshman year was a difference in knowledge.

“I think just not being a freshman. It was nice to know where things were [and] not be as scared to find classes and stuff and already have friends going into classes from last year,” she said.

Another difference from last year is the location and quality of the school dances. Satya has been to all the previous Homecoming dances and last year’s Winter Formal, so she knew what to expect at this year’s Winter Formal.

“I think all those [dances have] been positive experiences,” Satya said. “I had a lot of fun at this year’s homecoming. Last year’s winter formal was pretty fun too.”

Other than her favorite things about the dances, she also has a favorite thing about DP.

“Probably…my friends,” Satya said. “I like seeing my friends every day. And I like most of my teachers.”

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