Student Spotlight: Liam Young


Minh Phan

Sophomore Liam Young poses in front of Ms. Judy’s classroom. Photo: Minh Phan

Growing up having to move back and forth between his parents’ hometowns in England and the United States almost every year, sophomore Liam Young shares his experiences on life in both countries.

“It’s difficult, you know, there’s always difficult things moving around a lot. I think right now it’s difficult, but later in life it’ll give me a better perspective on things,” Liam said.

Swimming and surfing are the two things that he keeps on doing no matter where he is. These are his hobbies and they keep him motivated.

“I started swimming around eight years old competitively. And I just really love it. It’s the best sport. It’s a lot of fun. I really enjoy it. You know, it’s just a lot of fun to get out in the water,” Liam said.

Though Liam has been on school swim teams in both the United States and England, he finds that DP has more of a community than the school that he goes to in England.

“I feel like Dos Pueblos is more of an all-encompassing experience, there’s a lot more opportunities here. And England is kind of just you go to school for a few hours, and then you leave. DP is more of a community,” Liam said.

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