“Drag Queen Story Hour” coming up at GSA club

Mr. Shive holding an “I love drag queens” sign.

DP GSA club advisor Mr. Shive is planning on inviting local drag queen Angel D’mon to the club meeting for “Drag Queen Story Hour.”

Angel D’mon is a local drag queen in Santa Barbara. She’s famous for her “Drag Queen Story Hour” Programme at The Crafter’s Library. Angel also does a lot of gigs at brunches and bars in Santa Barbara and participates in events like Proud Prom and Santa Barbara Pride Parade.

Illustration of a drag queen (Minh Phan)

“I’ve sent out an email, and I’m hoping to hear back from her soon,” Mr. Shive said.

The time when the drag queen will be at the club is still undetermined, yet, Mr. Shive thinks it’ll make a difference for the members of the GSA club.

“I think especially at a time when a lot of members of GSA kind of feel like they’re a little under sight right now, that having somebody come in, who’s just so clearly who they are, and just as clearly out there for everyone to see him put themselves on the line,” Mr. Shive said.

Besides, Mr. Shive thinks that it would very much contribute to the district’s new mission IUWESTAND as of February 23, 2023.

“The district’s mission right now, which is about inclusive conversations and about open dialogues and open identities and recognizing people as they are as they arrive to us,” Mr. Shive said.

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