Student Spotlight Keenan Bower (9)


Sean Reilly

Keenan Bower (9) smiling wide in the library.

Freshman Keenan Bower is someone who appreciates the small things in life.

While most people overlook seemingly trivial objects, Keenan has a different perspective.

“I could never live without my toothbrush. I could never live without my stylus for math. I could never live without a stove,” Keenan said.

To further highlight his appreciation for the overlooked, Keenan expressed his love for The Berenstain Bears franchise.

“It’s a classic,” Keenan said.

However, things being overlooked aren’t always lighthearted. Keenan stresses the importance of mental health awareness.

“I don’t see a push for any mental health help other than a couple bulletin boards posted, and I think there needs to be more of a push for that.”

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