Student Spotlight: Ila Walman-Randall (9)


Eleni Becker

Ila Walman-Randall standing on the track at the Scott O’Leery Stadium. Ila does Track and Field at Dos Pueblos.

Ila Walman-Randall is a freshman at Dos Pueblos who enjoys listening to music, spending time with friends, and reading. Her favorite Taylor Swift album is Speak Now because she thinks it is underrated. She does Track and Field and Cross Country at Dos Pueblos.

The “Off and Away” policy states that you cannot use your phones or earbuds during class and if you are caught using them they will be taken away, or you will be asked to put them away. Ila says that her teachers have been implementing off and away into their classrooms, but it has not been very effective, and some are enforcing it more than others.

Ila thinks that these devices should be allowed at certain times. “They should be able to use them during class as long as the student can get their work done. I don’t think there’s a reason to restrict what they can use…I think that while the teacher is giving a lecture, headphones should not be allowed because that’s a little bit inappropriate. But during independent work it’s fine,” she said.

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