Student Spotlight: Aubrey Carreno


Kashaf Iftikhar

9th grader Aubrey Carreno, a passionate and committed freshman. To keep up with her comfy aesthetic, she normally wears Crocs (or slippers), and a comfortable outfit to school.

Kashaf: What is your earliest childhood memory?

Aubrey: Probably of my first best friend I made in daycare, Zoey.

Kashaf: When do you feel most happy?

Aubrey: Probably when I’m with my friends… they make me laugh a lot, and they just put me in a good mood. We’ll be walking around and one of us will crack a joke.

Kashaf: Everyone has that one word or phrase they constantly say. What’s yours ?

Aubrey: I say sweetheart a lot, to my friends. Like, “let’s not do that, sweetheart.”

Kashaf: What genre of music do you listen to?

Aubrey: Older school rap because they talk about reality and not just how many girls they have. I’ve recently been really into listening to Eazy-E.

Kashaf: You play two sports, how do you do it?

Aubrey: I’ve been playing soccer since I was four years old, and softball since I was nine or ten. I’m a very competitive person and love sports in general. I play to win.

Kashaf: What is your hidden talent?

Aubrey: I’m good at karaoke.

Kashaf: What is your dream vacation?

Aubrey: Probably has to be San Diego for like a solid month. I like to go to little Italy, they have the best cream soda.

Kashaf: If you were given 1 million dollars, what would you do?

Aubrey: I’d go to Disney World, I know it sounds selfish, but that’s what I really want to do. I can also spend some on clothes.

Kashaf: Who is your favorite teacher at DP? Why?

Aubrey: Mr. Pateras, I had him for law and society, and he’s just the most chill and fun teacher.

Kashaf: How have you felt like you belong at DP?

Aubrey: My cousins, Paulina and Bella, are big role models, they try to include me in everything they do. They were my mentors for Charger Connection.

Kashaf: Do you think our campus has good mental health support? If not, how can we improve it? How can we improve that?

Aubrey: I haven’t really noticed mental health support, but you can talk to your counselor about whatever, and they’ll call you in if they’re worried. I think talking about it more would help. I heard that there was a therapist on campus, but not a lot of information was provided.

Kashaf: With three years left at DP, what class are you looking most forward to taking?

Aubrey: I really want to take AP Psychology and carry around the baby.

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