Lego Club Rocks!


Lucy Cabrera

Sculptures the Lego Club members have created.

Club President Senior Awan Haj created the lego club to help build a community and allow students to bring out their inner kid. Awan and her siblings had always enjoyed playing with legos when they were younger, and they would always ask for new sets.

“Tons of times, my parents accidentally step on them. They fell all over the floor. But my siblings and I had a lot of fun playing with legos,” Awan said.

Lego Club offers students a place to learn new skills including architecture, art, and design. You can also meet new people who have the same kind of excitement and experience with legos.

“We have a group chat, right? And so one week I was like oh, sorry, I won’t be able to make it, but you guys are more than welcome to hold the club without me. And one of the members was like, ‘Yeah, I’m gonna build a castle!’” Awan said.

If you’re looking for some friendly competition during lunch, the lego club has some challenges and games for you! In the past, club members have been given a certain amount of time to build on each other’s structures to hopefully end up with something cool and beautiful. Awan also has new ideas for the club to try out.

“I was thinking of also doing something where you’re with a partner, and the partner draws something and then the other person has to try to build it and you have to try to guess what it is,” Awan said.

The Lego Club is a place where you can relax and fidget with blocks. Playing around can also help calm you.

“Tell your friends to come and join the Lego Club. We meet every Tuesday in S-2,” Awan said.

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