Scammed out of a PE class


Nate VanDeVeire

Designed and made by Nate VanDeVeire

While not everyone enjoys PE classes, they are a crucial part of school, and a class that everyone who will not play a sport must take. Dos Pueblos offers a variety of classes, such as weightlifting, swimming, and yoga, to make PE a more enjoyable and accessible experience.

However, these classes can be rather boring when they do not feature the experiences people sign up for.

Someone signing up for badminton PE will likely be excited to play badminton. Unfortunately, they will be disappointed by how little time there is to play this sport within the period.

PE uniform changing periods cause most of this lack of time.

PE students are given time to change into PE clothes at the start and end of the class. These time periods add up, and contribute to a significant part of the class. With these changing times at 15 to 20 minutes apiece, they can take up nearly half of the ~80 minute period.

If you add in the time required for attendance, warmups, setup, and cleanup, PE classes often have 20 minutes or less of class time for their namesake activity.

From my experience, most students dislike having 25% or less of their class time contributing to the activity they signed up for.

Some think that these changing periods need to be long because people may be doing other activities as well as changing, such as applying makeup. However, passing periods solve this problem. Many students can, and do, change for PE during passing periods. This allows for students who take longer to change to have extra time, while those who don’t have even more time to change than they need.

It is definitely important for students to have enough time to change clothes. However, PE classes give students far too much time for changing, and make the classes less enjoyable in doing so.

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