Shattered glasses


Daniel Montiel

Image depicts a pair of intact lenses with focus on the right lense in particular. To be used as a header for shattered glasses the poem

(Warning, may contain themes that could relate to death/loss of family)

It was a Thursday afternoon,
When I was reveling in glee
While outside my own
Came a calamity.

Though time is inevitable
And that, we all find true,
It doesn’t always help
When we have to make due
With what is left from a shattered dream,
A broken heart, and a seeping feeling of blue.

With words a whisper,
And sight blurred,
These rose tinted glasses were shattered,
But unheard

With the world freshly broken,
I looked to the sea
To the sky, and all that could be.
To all that has happened,
And all that is me.

With time, these glasses may be anew
With fresh faces and new views
But a crack may remain
Of what I could do
If I had just had bit more time with you

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