A Storm Came


Daniel Montiel

Photo of downtown Santa Barbara.

Outside of class,
Not far at all,
I looked outside
And here’s what I saw

A storm had brewed that
Late afternoon,
Bringing with a fine fall chill
And clouds, more than I could count
That seemed as to surmount
The sun in all its might

With a sleeping creep it came
Clouds dark and gray
Float along through the sky
Almost like a sea of dark
Until no blue was left
And then, the rain began

With an almost sleepy slowness,
Droplets fall, pittering on the ground
Pit-pat, pit-pat, pit-patting on
As the halls fill
With the wonderful smell
Of petrichor

As I sat there in quiet contemplation
It came to me, with much elation
That summer had run its course
And now was time for petrichor

For days at home, with warm food baking
And quiet crafts in the making
For classes soon to end
And for winter soon to send
A gift for which our home sees little
And for which we are forever grateful

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