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Meet the 2024-2025 class officers

Senior Class Officers



Hanalora Abel (11) (Keeley Harper)

Hanalora Abel (11) is the Senior Class President for the 2024-2025 school year.

Abel wanted to run for this position because she felt that the role of Senior Class President brought together all the aspects of leadership that she was looking for.

“I always knew I wanted to be in leadership … and senior class president basically just matched all the parts I wanted to do most in leadership,” Abel said. “I get to help plan events, but then I also get to work with everybody else.”

As Senior Class President, Abel helps to plan senior activities and other events such as homecoming, winter formal, prom, and graduation activities.

“I think it’s really, really exciting that we all are getting [ready] to open up a new chapter of life,” Abel said. “I think it’s also really fun to celebrate this last year we have together, so I’m just trying to make it fun and enjoyable for everybody.”

Abel is on the water polo and swim team. Outside of school, she enjoys hiking, traveling, going to the beach, and spending time with friends.


Vice President

Diego Jacobo (11) (Araceli Rodriguez)

Diego Jacobo (11) is the Senior Class Vice President for the 2024-2025 school year.

Jacobo decided he was ready to take on the position because of his experience in leadership and his advisors’ suggestion.

“This year, I did leadership, and I think leadership just really prepared me for the position as the Class Vice President,” Jacobo said. “The advisors, Sienna and Scott, also recommended that I would be in the greatest position.”

Next year, Jacobo wants to bring inclusivity and closer connections within his senior class community.

”Especially for the senior class, [I want] to better the activities [and] the bonds of the class as a whole,” Jacobo said. “[I want] to just kind of make [the activities] more inclusive so everyone gets involved to make it more welcoming.”

In Jacobo’s free time, he enjoys cruising in his car while playing music and going to lookout viewpoints.

”I really like driving around, either just by myself listening to music or with my cousins,” Jacobo said. “I [also] like going to lookouts, one of my favorite ones is off Cliff Drive.”



Ava Canfield (11) (Owen Andrews)

Ava Canfield (11) is the Senior Class Secretary for the 2024-2025 school year. Canfield ran for this position because of the encouragement from a friend.

“It was my friend Hana who encouraged me to do it,” Canfield said. “She’s currently the Senior Class President, or she will be next year, and she was like, ‘oh, you should run,’ and nobody was running for secretary at the time, so I was like, ‘Okay, sure. Might as well.’”

One thing that Canfield hopes to do is to improve engagement and class spirit, especially among the senior class.

“I want to make sure everybody has a really good, fun senior year,” Canfield said. “With all the activities that we do [like] homecoming and prom and all of that.”

Outside of school, Canfield is a ballet dancer at the Goleta School of Ballet.



Addison Parrish (11) (Keeley Harper)

Addison Parrish (11) is the Senior Class Treasurer for the 2024-2025 school year. Parrish ran for this position because she has always been interested in leadership and representing the school.

“My position is mostly just controlling where funds go for senior activities,” Parrish said. “I think it’d be fun to really make experiences for the seniors … fun.”

Parrish is on the water polo and swim team, and outside of school she plays on a club team for water polo.







Hailey Rance (11) (Gita Majumdar)

Hailey Rance (11) is the Senior Class Historian for the 2024-2025 school year. Rance ran for the position due to the encouragement from a friend and because she wanted to be in leadership. 

Rance plans to listen to the senior class as well as take any suggestions that people have. She is on the Varsity Cheer Team, and, outside of school, she likes reading and drawing. 

“I love talking to people, and if anyone has any suggestions for anything in the future, I’m always open,” Rance said. 





Junior Class Officers



Justin Ji (10) (Mika Glasgow)

Justin Ji (10) is the Junior Class President for the 2024-2025 school year.

Ji was first elected as the Freshman Class President and later as the Sophomore Class President. At first, he “wasn’t sure” about the role, but he came to love it, especially because of earning community service hours and attending site council meetings.

“I think it’s … interesting being able to see how we distribute our money in our school,” Ji said. “It’s like ‘Oh, I’m in the inner workings of our school.’”

Ji feels that a misunderstanding about class office is that they don’t have as much authority as ASB. Instead, it’s their role to represent their class and its ideas as well as being their class’ “hype man”.

For Ji, a highlight of being a class officer has been the opportunity to hang out with his friends more often, since a lot of them either have class office positions or are brought along to help out.

“What we tend to do is we help clean up or set up for the events, and afterwards, we get an excuse to hang out.”


Vice President

Amel Sakr (10) (Mika Glasgow)

Amel Sakr (10) is the Junior Class Vice President for the 2024-2025 school year.

Sakr became the Sophomore Class President last year because it seemed like a good opportunity to expand her extracurriculars and get more involved with DP. Her favorite thing about the position is the people that she works with.

“The president, secretary, historian, treasurers – if they were difficult people then I would really not like my position at all,” said Sakr. “It’s a whole group effort, but they’re amazing people.”

Sakr is looking forward to becoming an upperclassman where she’ll have more decision making power. At council meetings, she plans to advocate for improved school events and help contribute ideas in general.

“I want better themes, better school event planning, and things like that because we don’t have the ultimate decision making power, but we can still make recommendations,” Sakr said.

Outside of school, Sakr participates in Mock Trial and water polo. While Mock Trial takes up a lot of her time, she wants to diversify what she does with her free time. For example, over the summer, she’d like to try an internship at a law firm and camp counseling.

Sakr is feeling optimistic about participating in class office next year and hopes to continue her leadership position into ASB when she’s a senior.

“Even if I ran unopposed, I’m still super happy that everyone voted for me,” Sakr said.



Jonathan Yang (10).(Chloe Minor)

Jonathan Yang (10) is the Junior Class Secretary for the 2024-2025 school year.

Yang’s goal as secretary is to increase student engagement and get people involved with school activities.

“General plans for improving DP are to try to get more student engagement [so that] more people are involved in different things,” Yang said. “And to see if we can, like, perhaps plan the dances a little better.”

He also wants to make changes that impact the school, and he finds leadership interesting. Outside of school, Yang is involved in different extracurriculars.

“Outside of school? [I] do a lot of Mock Trial and that’s fun,” Yang said. “I’m in orchestra, and I play golf.”



Ariel Li (10) (Sunny Yao)

Ariel Li (10) is the Junior Class Treasurer for the 2024-2025 school year.

Li originally ran for the position during her freshman year because she wanted to try new things and “thought that’s what freshman year was for.” She’s now been treasurer for the past two years and enjoys getting a behind the scenes look at DP and being able to help her school.

“Going to all those meetings that I do and attending all those events really lets me see what happened in the school, and it lets me know how things are happening a little faster,” Li said.

Outside of school, Li has played the piano for 10 years and volunteers for an organization called Youth Muze. Li also participates in Mock Trial, where her team recently qualified for the finals of an online competition. Next year, Li wants to attend more events and gain the courage to speak up more in her position.

“I hope this year will be a good one, and I hope the student council will work out well because it’s a new thing we’re trying,” Li said.



Noah Guillen (10). (Lucy Wilder)

Noah Guillen (10) is the Junior Class Historian for the 2024-2025 school year.

Guillen ran for historian because he has experience in photography, as he took a photography class as his elective this year.

“I thought [historian] would be a nice position to run for because I already have prior [photography] knowledge and skills,” Guillen said.

Guillen is interested in “[incorporating] a better faculty to student system” and “bridging the gap” between students, faculty, and ASB.

Outside of school, Guillen likes reading and running. He is on the track team and is currently re-reading ‘Charlotte’s Web.’



Sophomore Class Officers



Jackson Myers (9) (Lu Azios)

Jackson Myers (9) is the Sophomore Class President for the 2024-2025 school year. Myers ran for this position because he was Freshman Class President, and he liked that experience.

“I like how you can be more involved in your school,” Myers said. “It’s a good way to have something to do at the school.”

Myers is on the football team, and, outside of school, he enjoys riding his bike and spending time with friends.






Vice President

Thiago Hidalgo (9) (Keeley Harper)

Thiago Hidalgo (9) is the Sophomore Class Vice President for the 2024-2025 school year. Hidalgo ran for this position due to already being Freshman Vice President and wanting to stay involved.

“I wanted to continue to help out into my sophomore year,” Hidalgo said. “[I want] to be involved more and help out with more stuff.”

Hidalgo is on the wrestling team, and, outside of school, he enjoys playing video games and spending time with friends and family.






Audrey Beahan (9) (Gita Majumdar )

Audrey Beahan (9) is the Sophomore Class Secretary for the 2024-2025 school year. She ran for this position because she thought that it was “really interesting” and wanted to get involved in the school. In this position, Beahan hopes to encourage school spirit.

“I feel like we should show more spirit, and [make] everybody feel more open, make everybody more comfortable,” Beahan said.

In Beahan’s freetime, she likes to be out in nature as well as goplaces on her bike.

“I like to try new things, whether it’s baking or a sport,” Beahan said.





Jasper Meller (9) (Lu Azios)

Jasper Meller (9) is the Sophomore Class Treasurer for the 2024-2025 school year.

Meller ran for the position because he likes working with money, and is interested to see how it’s distributed at DP. He also hopes to increase transparency around money.

“I think what I can do is just make sure that everybody’s on top of what’s going on at the school and knows what’s happening,” Meller said.

Meller plays lacrosse and outside of school, he likes history and nature.

“I think it’s really cool that we live in Santa Barbara because there’s a lot of different types of nature,” Meller said. “You can go to the beach, go in the water, go to the mountains. I mean we are almost in a desert.”



Alyssa Flores (9) (Keeley Harper)

Alyssa Flores (9) is the Sophomore Class Historian for the 2024-2025 school year. Flores ran for this position because she wanted to get more involved at DP.

“I want to work with other people on the team to come up with ideas,” Flores said.

Outside of school, Flores likes to draw and make art.


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