Sequoia National Park deserves more appreciation

Sunlight peaks through the trees in the early morning of snow season.
Sunlight peaks through the trees in the early morning of snow season.
Manuel Rodriguez

California is well known for its many national parks and forests, including Sequoia National Park. However, this gorgeous park does not get nearly as much recognition for its outstanding beauty and variety of attractions as it should. Sequoia has a lot to offer with its striking trees, cascading waterfalls, diverse wildlife, and the seasonal experiences available for visitors year-round. Here are a few of the many reasons why Sequoia should be more appreciated and popularized.



Among the vast forest of firs, pines, and redwoods, there sit remarkable giant sequoia trees which stand at great heights and even more staggering widths. The famous General Sherman Tree has been named the largest tree on Earth, towering 275 feet tall and over 36 feet in diameter along its base. Seeing these trees in person is bound to make jaws drop with their beautiful reddish-brown bark and astonishing width. Some of these ancient wonders have stood in Sequoia for nearly three thousand years, adding further charm to the park.

Onlookers observe the Giant Sequoia trees in the distance.

Sequoia is also renowned for its rushing rivers and waterfalls that flow through the entire region. Not only are the falls an amazing photo opportunity, but they also serve as great hiking opportunities for visitors who enjoy exploring the wilderness. From personal experience, nothing is better than getting to cool off in a natural waterfall after a strenuous hike. As for the rivers, they provide a number of recreational activities available. Visitors are able to go fishing, swim in calm waters, and even embark on a whitewater rafting adventure. These rivers also feature beautiful clear waters, astonishing rock formations, and great views to admire. Sequoia’s waterfalls and rivers provide the park with a rich environment capable of sparking great joy.

Between the abundant waters and forests, Sequoia is home to over 300 species of wildlife including fish, amphibians, mammals, reptiles, and insects. However, the most famous animal to grace the park’s ground is the American black bear. With an estimated population of 600 living in the area, these big mammals are truly a sight to see in action. Finding bear dens, clawed up trees, and bear tracks is amazing, but nothing beats seeing a black bear with your own eyes. The bears are highly intelligent and adaptive creatures who usually mind their business, and are completely uninterested in humans. If someone is lucky, they may even catch a glimpse of an adorable black bear cub.

Onlookers observe the Giant Sequoia trees in the distance. (Araceli Rodriguez)


The greatest way to truly experience the off-grid, nature loving lifestyle in Sequoia is to go camping. In total, the park consists of 14 campgrounds to choose from. Most of the sites are first-come, first-serve with a limit of six people to a campsite. Each campground has its own unique features, including giant meadows, gentle creeks, caves, and more. It all comes down to personal preference and availability when deciding where to stay. Regardless of which site is chosen, or who is brought along, it’s almost certain that visitors will have a great time.

There is a never-ending list of things to do when camping out in Sequoia’s vast wilderness. Throughout the day, people can go on nature walks to scout out tons of wildlife, capture memories with a camera, and even indulge in delicious campfire meals. Campers can also travel outside of their campground for a nice souvenir, or to experience one of the many nature tours available. At night, campers can cozy up with some s’mores and hot cocoa, and enjoy the warmth of a campfire. Campers can also break open board games, play some campfire songs on the guitar, just enjoy people’s company, and even go stargazing, thanks to the bright open skies. Being in the middle of nature allows great freedom and the chance to do things people normally don’t get to do in the city, so it’s best to try to make the most of it.

In the Changing Seasons

Although the majority of visitors come to Sequoia during the summer months, there are plenty of intriguing sights and activities to explore in the less popular seasons.

Sunlight peaks through the trees in the early morning of the snowy season.

In the springtime, much of Sequoia’s flora begins to bloom, and beautifully diverse colors emerge within the scenic landscapes. The weather is enjoyable as temperatures sit at a mild degree, slowly melting the winter snow. Visiting Sequoia in the spring is a wonderful time to enjoy the beauty of the plants, relaxing climate, and the emergence of hibernating animals.

During the summer, the weather remains sunny as the park’s temperature begins to rise, hardly leaving any leftover snow on the ground. The summer season opens up many park attractions – trails, and facilities – while also serving as the prime time to book a campsite. Experiencing Sequoia in the summertime is a great introductory experience for newcomers as the park’s magnificent features reign at their peak.

In the fall, the surrounding landscapes begin to transform dramatically into an array of vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow. At this point, the climate starts to become a bit colder, providing the best possible conditions for hikes and enjoying the shifting scenery. Autumn is an absolute stunning time to visit the park, as the changing leaves create the best picture opportunities and jaw-dropping sights.

During winter, the park becomes a complete winter wonderland. The grounds becomes layered with snow and the trees begin to lose their leaves. Temperatures drop immensely, urging people to stay warm and protected from the brutal cold. Due to the snow, much of the flora and fauna is not as common to see compared to warmer months, but the snowfall makes up for it. Experiencing the winter in Sequoia is undoubtedly one of the most fulfilling times to visit as the snow creates opportunities for thrilling sled rides, snow angels, snowball fights, and much more.

Sequoia National Park is a region full of variety, beauty, adventure, and, ultimately, peace. The park serves as the perfect getaway, and the best chance at creating new memories. Compared to other popular national parks and camping hotspots, at the end of the day, there is no park like Sequoia. So, the next time you seek an adventure, take a trip to Sequoia National Park, it will be worth it.

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