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Poem: Not me

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Gender is a social construct. We should not be defined by gender because it is not real. We are defined by gender because people find it more convenient or “comfortable.” It’s much less comfortable for people to have to educate themselves and accept others as who they have stated themselves to be. Gender is so subjective, yet we use it as a tool to define each other, and even ourselves, as if it’s objective.


Gender is a constant reinforcement of what you can and cannot do. What you should be. Who you should be. These rules are like cuffs on self-expression, self-freedom, their objective limitations made up from subjective ideas. They are reinforced not only by family, but schools. Schools, places of education, constantly reinforce, separate, and sort people into categories.


This is an opinion I hold, not because my school has provided me any education on this topic, but because I educated myself instead. I believe that Gender Theory should be taught in all levels of educational institutions. I had to learn on my own that these limitations aren’t me. I want others to have the opportunity I did not have. Gender is many things. It’s a way to categorize, it’s a way to define, it’s how you may live your life – but most importantly, it’s not me.

Not Me


I am defined, I am sorted, I am labeled

Efficiency, Productivity, and Ignorance are just a few reasons I am a man

 I was born on an invisible spectrum but I am subjectively categorized

  I am what’s ever the easiest thought that reflects in their eyes

I’m just another guy

We try to differentiate we never lie but are told it’s a crime

They take invisible binds and tell you how to live your life

We are read, we are recorded, we are told our setting and they write our stories

 I can’t cry, you can’t scream, I’m told not to love, you’re told not to breathe, I can run, you can’t leave, I write the rules and you’re forced to just follow quietly

You can find it upsetting

but productivity is the objective

Which is why we advertise an ignorant perspective 

With efficiency in mind 

And to always remember what you were assigned 

No one can commit the crime 


Feeling dysphoric with the way you live your life

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