Do wanderers need more attention?


Lizbeth Sanchez

Student walking away from classroom

I was a wanderer, or maybe I still am. I walked around the classroom, class got super overwhelming, and sometimes I felt like running out of class just to get away. Some teachers only give you five minutes to use the restroom or to step outside. It takes longer than five minutes to refresh your mind and get yourself together. I found it very beneficial to have some time alone and go back to class ready to continue doing work.

Tigy is a student at Dos Pueblos. He often feels overwhelmed during class, and taking breaks helps him out.

“I’m not feeling well in class, so sometimes I just wander about to avoid that,” he said.

Participating in class activities is hard, especially if you enjoy being alone and not interacting with anyone. Some students even say that they don’t like going to class just because the majority of class time involves having to talk to others. Stepping out of one’s comfort zone during school can be extremely difficult for some students.

“Lately I’ve been getting better and I’ve been including myself in things, which has gotten me to be more distracted, so I don’t have this feeling of being overwhelmed or not ready,” Tigy said.

Alex attends Dos Pueblos. He said that he’s never dreaded going to school. He does, however, think school can impact your mental health.

“Your mental health can go down,” Alex said. “School is very stressful and there are some depressing moments. You can learn a lot about people and how people affect us and treat us, and overall, school, sometimes you don’t dread going to.”

What more can teachers do to help students stay in class and enjoy the class? It’s important to allow students to step out of the class just to feel relaxed for a minute. Teachers may say that’s what lunch is for, but lunch is where kids can be with their friends and enjoy their time. How are you supposed to do that, when instead you’re trying to put yourself together for your next class?

“Sometimes the teachers don’t understand you,” Alex said. “Like sometimes you may be going through something, and they just don’t get you and force you to do stuff.”

According to Brain Breaks For Kids, allowing kids to have breaks can benefit their well being. Taking breaks can reduce anxiety and reduce stress. It’s a good way to be able to cope with frustration. It helps to recharge their minds and increases their productivity, energy, and ability to focus.

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