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Art piece by Nico Weldeab.
Freshman Autumn Thibeault’s stunning graphite artwork of a cat with accents of white and blue. (Autumn Thibeault)

Freshman Autumn Thibeault developed an interest in art after a friend introduced her to anime during elementary school. She likes the balance in style anime has.
“It isn’t too cartoony but not realistic either,” she said.
While at the beginning of her art journey, Autumn drew more anime, she now tends to do more realistic artwork. She primarily draws cats and dragons.
“I originally made the cat art piece for a friend but liked it too much and ended up keeping it because I liked it too much.”
Autumn enjoys reading fantasy and adventure books and they give her inspiration for her art.
“I feel most motivated to do art after reading a good book,” she said.
Her favorite part about making art is how she is able to pull her imagination from her mind and put it on paper. Autumn enjoys art because it allows her to think calmly and gives her a way to cope. Following the theme of relaxation, her ideal setting to make art is sitting on a bean bag by a window while listening to some pop or dance music.
As for future artwork, she plans on taking AP Art in her sophomore year in hopes of becoming a better artist and challenging herself. She hopes to continue this passion work on larger projects.
“I am hoping to create an animation studio. I am also interested in running a business in the future,” Autumn.
She also looks forward to improving her architectural art abilities.
“I would love to be able to design a building or a car or something,” she said.

Art piece by Nico Weldeab.

Some locations may seem ordinary to some, but for junior Nico Weldeab, they are sources of inspiration for his next art project.

“If I sit down at a coffee shop, I’ll get inspired by…the cool architecture in the corner… Also, going up into the mountains, so you can see the layout of the city. And then also just downtown, there’s a lot of cool architecture,” Nico said.

Nico finds the most inspiration in Renaissance art and architecture, which convey the beauty standards of that time. He is also interested in Tudor architecture, mythology, and any subject that sparks his curiosity.

One of his favorite pieces he has created is influenced by American comic book, science fiction, and fantasy artist Frank Frazetta.

“I did more research on this one. I looked at…his forms and muscle studies… It’s this sort of crouching figure and the lighting was also really inspired by Frank Frazetta,” Nico said.

Nico has recently been exploring the medium of oil paint. However, his preferred style is still sketching, a skill he has been honing since childhood.

“My mom always made sure I had pencils and paper, and she always liked having art around the house. So I just started drawing with a friend who drew, and I just kept on continuing,” Nico said.

His passion grew as he began taking art classes in high school. He is currently enrolled in ceramics and AP Art.

“I feel like art classes are just a really great way to get things done because often as an artist, you procrastinate and you never finish. And so it’s just a really great way to… finally find what you like to do,” Nico said.

Nico wants to attend art school after graduation. He is specifically interested in Laguna College of Art and Design, where he can pursue publication design.

“I feel like without art, I wouldn’t really have something to do… It gives me a lot of direction in my life,” Nico said.

Susie holds her Channel Keepers Art Contest ceramic, vine wrapped sculpture. She decided to use a unique approach to the animal theme she has seen in the past and add a plant touch. (Lucy Cabrera )

Lucy: How did your art journey start?

Susy: I started off with drawing and sketching very young, like the very first time I would hold the pencil I was scribbling or drawing, and that kinda started my art journey.

Lucy: What is your favorite art media?

Susy: My favorite art media is probably going back to the roots like markers, or especially alcohol markers. I think they’re really smooth and really nice to work with, but I also really liked to sew. I don’t often sew clothes, I do for costumes [though], and I find that very fun and relaxing. But I do like to sew small plushies or like gifts for my friends.

Lucy: Why does this art piece have meaning to you?

Susy: I have always really liked kelp forests, like at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The kelp exhibit is so magical and extraordinary, and whenever you step into that exhibit, it feels like you’re coming into a new world, and so I really wanted to embody that in my piece and give the flow of the kelp forest, how it sways in the ocean. I wanted them to feel what they would feel [if they were to] to step into that kelp forest exhibit.

Lucy: Who encourages you to continue pursuing art?

Susy: My parents, they’ve really pushed me to try new things. Art has always been something very special for me and they know that, so they’ve always tried to encourage it by helping me buy supplies and etcetera. I think they really pushed me to try to improve…and have tried to get me to do the art contest and etcetera. So like how Ms. B was pushing me to do the Channel Keepers [contest].

Lucy: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Susy: For those who are reading this article, you should definitely try art even if you feel like you wouldn’t be good at it. Art isn’t about being good at it; art is just making something that you love. Also, art is just showing emotion.

I want to inspire others with my art, and I would like to put my art in a museum exhibit. So maybe one day I’ll get one of my art pieces in an art museum.

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