Track and field team members reveal their favorite part of the sport

“I like throwing big metal discs very far.” -Benjamin Edwards (9)

“I like self improvement.” -Everett Womack (9)

“It’s a good way to end the day.” -Quincy Barnwood (9)

Benjamin Edwards (9) throws a metal disc. (Leo Quinkert)

“I like the running.” -Jayden Garcia (9)

“I love the variety of activities.” -Tobin Bohley (11)

“The people” -Riley Minne (9)

“I like throwing.” -Josef Masser (9)

Josef Masser (9) throws a discus. (Leo Quinkert.)

“The community” -Yohannes Efrem (9)

“My favorite part is going fast.” -Michael Ocshner (9)

“The self-competitive nature” -Max Kubel (12)

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