Snow Spotted Above Santa Barbara

A recent winter storm brought snow to the mountains in Santa Barbara. The snow was first visible on Friday, February 24, and had melted by Thursday, March 2. This followed a blizzard warning issued by the National Weather Service.

“It’s cool that people have the chance to play in the snow,” said physics teacher Mr. Haggerty.

The snow was so heavy in some areas of San Marcos Pass that Caltrans brought in snowplows. Highway 154 was shut down in both directions, stranding several people.

Snow viewed from Goleta (Leo Quinkert)

In addition, hail fell on Wednesday, March 1. This was the first time it hailed in Santa Barbara since 2021. Unlike the snow, the hail fell near the coast and was seen by DP students.

Another view of the snow from Goleta (Leo Quinkert)

This was the first time that snow was observable from Santa Barbara in a few years. Three feet of snow could be seen in some areas of the mountains.

“We never get snow in the mountains,” freshman Simmone Harris said.

Simmone thinks it would be nice if we had snow sometime in the future.

“I think it would be fun if we had snow again,” Simmone said.

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