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Provided by CEO Teysha Wheeler-LeManski

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Cloth Connection Outreach is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing reusable menstrual products for those experiencing period poverty. They are located in Farmington, Missouri, and focus on serving anyone with a period who is unable to afford menstrual products.

“We give kits to anyone who has a period and is struggling to make the initial investment to reusable menstrual products. We’re an inclusive charity and proud to offer gender neutral prints. Everyone should feel comfortable with whatever products they choose to use for their period,” said CEO Teysha Wheeler-LeManski.

CCO currently provides kits to those in need across the US, Canada, and Europe.

“We mainly focus on sending kits where there are no charities helping currently, filling in the gap,” Teysha said. “There are other charities helping other countries but there were none here in the US or Canada. We experience period poverty here too. 2 in 5 people in the U.S. with periods couldn’t afford period products in the past year.”

Kits are made specifically to meet each individual’s needs. Anyone applying for a kit has a few options regarding the products. One can choose between a cloth pad kit containing six pads or a menstrual cup kit with one cup and four cloth liners.

Individuals are also able to request additional products they are in need of.

“They can get a storage bag/wet bag, pad wrapper, drying strap, interlabial pads (ILPs.), deodorant, soap, cloth wipes, breast pads, cloth face mask, detergent, dental hygiene item, underwear, and extra cloth pads that are ‘flawed’ (may have sewing errors, or small stains etc, perfectly fine to use just don’t meet my high standards for pads in our kits),” Teysha wrote.

CCO is able to create these kits due to the donations they receive from individuals and businesses. Donations can occur either monetarily, through the links provided on their website, or in the form of menstrual products.

“We [accept donations of pretty much anything], new and gently used cloth pads, menstrual cups & wet bags, new soap, deodorant, dental care items, pamper items (like face masks or bath bombs are always a nice treat), underwear, and of course chocolate or candy for the kits too. Fabric is also welcome. We go through a lot of fabric: flannel, fleece, Zorb, PUL, and fabric like velour [and] minky.” Teysha wrote.

If one is interested in making cloth pads, CCO provides resources including patterns and tutorials on their website.

CCO also hosts fundraising auctions on their Facebook page 4 times a year, the next one occurring March 10.

Another way to support CCO is by visiting their Etsy shop, where reusable menstrual products can be purchased. The revenue directly supports sustaining the organization. Teysha described the shop as essential to the charity.

Additional information about donating or applying for kits can be found on CCO’s website:

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