Axolotl Wisdom: Why one should strive to emulate the axolotl


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The axolotl, or Mexican walking fish, is an amphibious salamander that resides in Lake Xochimilco and Lake Chalco of the Mexico Valley. Pictured is a leucistic axolotl, translucent white with pink gills.

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A creature of great empowerment yet alien appearance, the axolotl is often overlooked. However, the smiling creature is an exemplar of pristine attitude and displays model self-actualization, key characteristics one should aim to uphold.

The axolotl gets its name from the Aztec god Xolotl, Protector of the Sun. In congruence with he who protects the force providing us life, we must protect our internal lifeforce. Our ultimate responsibility throughout life is to diligently care for our mind and body, no matter what enemies we face. If faced with doubt over one’s abilities, recall where you came from, how your history is rich with strength. 

While we as humans are able to shut our eyes in the face of discomfort, the axolotl teaches us to face that which makes us uneasy with our sight pointed ahead. Forever viewing the world with fresh eyes and never missing what needs to be seen, the axolotl has no eyelids. By opening our eyes to our world we are able to spend more time gazing at the beauty around us and strengthening our own perspective.

Along with this, the axolotl is capable of regenerating any limb and up to half its brain. Bequeathed is a message of “keeping your head on your shoulders,’’ the axolotl tells us that no matter the circumstance, we must uphold the mechanics for growth and rebuild when knocked down. Despite our run-ins with tragedy, remember the axolotl, and designate time to become whole again.

Bearing a friendly and hospitable grin, the axolotl is welcoming and compassionate. It swims to its own cadence, reminding us to “find our own flow.” No matter the disruptions around us, remaining true to our path, greeting each day with joy, and building connections with others are the stepping stones to success.

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