Creative Poem: Energy


Procrastinating is something that we all do. Especially me. I’ve come to realize that the best way to avoid my procrastination is to start my morning off right; if my morning routine goes well, I feel ready to seize the rest of the day. My energy level correlates to how motivated I am to work on the assignments I need to finish, fluctuating throughout the weekdays. Also, I have a habit of falling into constant worry of time, wondering if I should be working on one assignment or the other. This often leads to wasting much of my time, instead working very little on both. Consequently, the work I have to compensate for cuts into my free time, which decreases my motivation to do anything. I’ve gotten better at keeping my energy level high enough for me to get through the week, but by the time it’s Friday, I’m worn out. The weekends are crucial moments where I get to recharge again for the upcoming week. I usually spend that leisure time near my local beach in Isla Vista, basking in the sun or floating along with the waves. This poem is an ode to my chaotic cycle of energy and to anyone who is constantly trying to find motivation to stay productive. You’re doing great. Probably better than me.


Everyday I wake from slumber,
hearing my early bird consciousness singing melodies,
mortifying memories,
reminiscing yesterday’s unfortunate stumbles;
convicted of social felonies.

Nevertheless, I conquer morning’s insistent rays of light
with sweets and caffeine remedies.

Either manner I spend today ends in wasted opportunities.
I could have, should have,
worked on productivity;
powering through all extremities,
or at least on responsibility.

Reducing necessary moments of tranquility,
I’m suffocating under needless tension
derived from lack of motivation

Gradually time picks up the pace
the moment I get my head to stay in place.
Catching my breath as I accept life’s embrace.

Yearning for beyond all else I have obtained,
I urge to run across the coastline of my beach;
no longer feeling drained.

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