Waterfall in the EPAC

Lukas Ginder (11) standing in front of the leak in the EPAC.

Lukas Ginder (11), attempted to drink water from the leak in the EPAC caused by recent rain storms.

Lukas entered the EPAC with fellow Charger Account journalists, Samantha Salcido (11), Evie Pazan (11), and Sean Lewin (10), with the intent of investigating the “waterfall” in the EPAC.

“After receiving exciting news from my dear Principal Woodard, I ventured off to explore this magnificent waterfall,” Lukas said.

Upon arrival at the EPAC, the journalists asked Mr. Shive for directions, and he directed them to the hallway behind the stage. The journalists soon found the foretold “waterfall,” but it was far smaller than they expected.

“We walked into the EPAC and couldn’t even hear the sound of falling water, it was simply a depressing leak from the theater rooms,” Samantha said.

According to Sofia De La Cruz (11), the leak was once larger. “I almost slipped, and I saw one person walk across it and they said ‘ooooo that’s slippery’.”

As of Nov. 11, the leak was being monitored while it filled a trashcan.

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