Hinky Pinky riddle #3


Sydney Hudlow

Drawing made and photographed by Sydney Hudlow.

Put vocabulary and imagination to the test with these word guessing riddles! The goal is to guess the answer, which will be two words that rhyme with each other.
The rules go as follows:
The first part of the riddle will consist of some variation of “Hink Pink”, such as “Hinky Pinky”, “Hinkity Pinkity”, etc., etc. This will determine the amount of syllables each of the two words need to have.
For example, “Hink Pink” means both words in the answer need to have one syllable each, “Hinky Pinky” means two, “Hinkity Pinkity” means three, and so on and so forth.
The second part of the riddle will be the clue as to what the two words will be.
For example, the answer to the riddle, “Hink Pink, a type of plant and a type of insect” would be “Tree, Bee.”
The two words that answer the riddle do not need to make logical sense together, they just have to satisfy the following criteria:
They are an exact rhyme, unless specified as a “Spicy Slant Rhyme.”
An exact rhyme would be like “patting, batting.”
A slant rhyme would be like “worm, swarm.”
They have the correct amount of syllables.
They match with the clue.

Check the answers by looking at the key found under all the riddles, good luck!

Food Themed:

1) Hink Pink, a chill guy who provides things you can consume.

2) Hinky Pinky, treats that got left on the beach.

3) Hink Pink, an onion who lives in Athens.

4) Hink Pink, taking time off in a day to enjoy a well known baked good.

5) Hinky Pinky, an arachnid that enjoys an appley drink.

Spicy Slant Rhyme:

6) Hinky Pinky, another title for the Lady of the Rutaceae household.

Answer Key:
1) Food Dude
2) Sandy Candy
3) Greek Leek
4) Cake Break
5) Cider Spider
6) Citrus Mistress

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