Winter sports overview


Citlali Ibarra Torres

“Home of the Chargers” seen displayed on the Dos Pueblos gym, which hosts various sports games and practices

Winter sports made their first appearances in late November. The range of new sports introduced different athletes and games to Dos Pueblos. The starting week for winter sports took place from November 14 through 18. These sports have games that vary day and time.

Boys basketball had their home opener on Nov. 18 as varsity took on Mater Dei at 7pm, they ended the night with a loss of 106-44. After practicing drills for the past weeks, Friday was their first test as a team. Their last home game was Dec. 5 where they played Rio Mesa and lost 78-64.

Girls basketball had their season opener on Nov. 22, as varsity took on Newbury Park at 7pm and walked off with a win. Last year, they won CIF championships for Dos Pueblos, so this season will bring new opportunities for the girls. They came back on the court to face Santa Barbara on Dec.12, where the girls won 69-35.

Varsity boys soccer played their first home game of the season on Dec. 2 where Carpinteria defeated them 1-0. They played San Marcos on Dec.13 where they lost 0-4. Following this loss, their next home game will be on Dec.17 against Pacifica for the varsity team.

Girls soccer made their first appearance on Nov. 17 against Arroyo Grande for a home scrimmage. The varsity girls played home on Dec.8 against Rio Mesa where they tied the game 0-0. They then faced our rival school, San Marcos, at an away game on Dec.13 where they also tied with no goals made.

Boys wrestling also had their first away match on Nov. 18 during the Novice Tournament at Pacifica. Their first home match was on Dec. 6 for the Buena Dual Meet. JV started in the afternoon at 5pm which led into varsity’s opener at 7pm.

Girls wrestling had their first match on the same day as boys wrestling but it took place between boys JV and varsity matches. The girls started their match later in the afternoon, at 6pm. but also for the Novice Tournament at Pacifica.

Lastly, girls water polo had their first game on Nov. 16 against and taking place at Rio Mesa. The varsity team started the day off at 3:15pm while JV ended the day playing at 4:15pm. Their last game was against Pacifica on Dec.14 where the girls won their game.

Their season will continue after these dates as the teams play games in the upcoming weeks. More information on the athletic schedule can be found at the following link, which includes the winter games that are going on at Dos Pueblos

Winter Sports Schedule

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