Adam Shmorhun: The plot, like gravy, thickens


Timothy Braun

The theater crew rehearsing The Plot, Like Gravy, Thickens. Photo taken by Timothy Braun.

This interview is about the play “The Plot, Like Gravy, Thickens.” which happened in the middle of november. Adam Shormhun is one of the main characters, who gives us an inside view on the play that streamed November 12th in the EPAC.

Sajar: What type of genre is The Plot, Like Gravy, Thickens?

Adam: It’s like a murder mystery with a lot of over the top characters!

Sajar: What is the backstory?

Adam: It all revolves around the family and friends of Ed Wellington the third, the guy who gets murdered.

Sajar: Can you talk a bit about your character?

Adam: I play Tony Blackwell. This is a little cheesy but he’s the playboy character and I have a sister named Allegra who is really mean.

Sajar: What’s your favorite thing about Tony Blackwell?

Adam: He’s just really fun to play and I get to be over the top. I also play a new type of character. I’m usually the “bad guy” so this is different.

Sajar: Why was The Plot, Like Gravy, Thickens chosen?

Adam: We were originally going to do one set in France but we weren’t able to make some changes we wanted, so she ended up choosing this one because [Ester Musilli] liked that there was more cast.

Sajar: How far are you into The Plot, Like Gravy, Thickens?

Adam: As of today [10/7/2022] we are done blocking and are going to be working with props soon, so we are pretty far in.

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