I and J bonds sold


Jayden Garcia

A photo of the donation jar in Mercy Rudolph’s classroom.

The district sold 193 million dollars in bonds that have been pledged towards aiding schools. Bonds are when a person or group gives money to a borrower and will collect interest on the borrowed money over time. The final amount of money from the two bonds combined is 53 million dollars. 

The Santa Barbara Unified School District considers itself on stable financial grounds. Their claims are further supported by an external agency that has validated the fiscal spending of the SBUSD. The bonds were approved by voters in 2016 and 193 million dollars have been pledged to school facilities. 58 million dollars from the bonds are going towards aiding elementary schools. The rest of the 135 million dollars are going towards aiding high schools and middle schools.

 The money for elementary schools will be used to build portable and permanent classrooms, replace underground facilities, repair school playgrounds, modernize classrooms, repair old and leaky roofs, and modernize bathrooms. The money for the middle schools and high schools will also help to build permanent classrooms, repair old and leaky roofs, and repair outdated underground utilities. Additionally, the funds will contribute to improving site drainage, repairing outdated electrical equipment, repairing the cafeteria and kitchen, fixing classrooms, and replacing old junior high PE facilities. The entire bonds were fully sold on September 28th, amounting to the 193 million dollars going to repairing and improving SBUSD schools.




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