Nicolas Bitar’s reflection on high school football


On the field, the football players are distinguished based on a unique number on their jersey. As these numbers rush past the stands, it becomes a reality that there is a story underneath every helmet. One of these flashing numbers happens to be #50, belonging to senior Nicolas Bitar.

His interest in the sport dates back to his childhood, and he has been playing for Dos Pueblos since his freshman year of high school, building relationships with his teammates and coaches ever since.

Nicolas said, “I feel like I’m really connected with them. I know they’re gonna give their full potential and they’re like my family, so I know what they’re thinking or how they’re doing things. So when we’re going against each other, I can trust him to do his job more because I feel like he’s my brother.”

As they endure the same struggles and practice and learn together, they are building a second family. This isn’t determined by how good they are or how often they win, but how they work together.

“People around me motivate me to do better,” he said. Motivation is a key factor in sports whether that comes from friends, family, or teachers, and this team seems to have it all. Not only are they all united by their drive for football, but also by the familial relationship they have built.

Another aspect of functioning together as a team is the support they receive from the coaches. “As we practice, they’re always [there] whenever we need help with something. They’ll really help us go in depth to learn that and become really good at that…and our coaches are just always there, pushing us, making us play better then we would,” Nicolas said.

This Friday, the football team plays their last game against Rio Mesa. As a senior, this is Nicolas’ last year playing in blue and gold, along with many others on the team. Although some might continue their career with college football, their time playing for Dos Pueblos is coming to an end as they reflect on their highlights.


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