DP’s haunted house debuts on Oct 28


Pirate skull and cross swords digital art. Graphic by Gita Majumdar

Students can go to the EPAC for Theater’s student-directed pirate-themed Haunted House On October 28, from 7-10 p.m. Audience members will experience being stowaways on a pirate ship where a great plague has broken out. As they navigate the ship they will get to interact with tons of different characters, including the angry captain of the ship.

Co-director Lily Crestfield said that the whole family is welcome and that the scare rating is “very low.” She said that the theatre department is planning for there to be creepy makeup, people crawling on the ground, and “a little gore,” but no jump scares. It’s for people of all ages and is estimated to take 5-10 minutes to finish, so younger siblings are welcome. General admission is $5, but it’s free for kids 10 and under and gold card holders. It is only open for one day.

The production was a long-standing tradition at DP. Last year’s haunted house was spread all throughout the school, but in years before it was held only in the theater. Lily said she wanted to “bring that tradition back.” She hopes it will continue in the coming years. As a senior, she said that it is all up to the next generation. “It’s a great opportunity for students to get to lead something and direct,” she said, “and really be involved in the theater company. And it is a great fundraiser at the beginning of the year.”

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