Featuring DP’s pets with a Fall theme

Binx (or just cat) is Allison Brodie’s (12) very eccentric six-year-old cat. While basking in the fall harvest, Binx enjoys eating rosemary straight from the ground.
Eggh is William Gartrell’s (12) super cool skateboarding cat (how much cooler can you be than a skateboarding cat?). She is a 16 or 17-year-old rescue cat, and enjoys skating through the fall season.
Tessa is Mr. Hulzier’s cat. She is about six or seven years old, and loves to do homework. Tessa is studying for progress reports. “This cat is more like a dog than a cat. We call her Cog,” said Mr. Hulzier.
This is Chacha, Ms. Koppenjan’s Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua mix. “In this portrait, Chacha contemplates the approach of the Fall season and the fact that we are now halfway through Term 1,” said Ms. Koppenjan.
Pixie or “Miss Pie” is Lila Woodard’s (11) 15 year old Cornish Rex. Pixie likes to run, cuddle, sleep, and watch the birds. “Miss Pie is about to leap off her cat tree out of confusion from the decor,” said Lila.
This is Bella, also known as ‘the greatest cat ever’ or ‘Your Majesty Bella the Greatest Cat Ever.’ She is April Harper’s (9) 984-BC-year-old-cat. In her free time she enjoys planning world domination, as seen in this picture.
Stella Luna is Cam Middleton’s (10) four-year-old Vizsla. “She judges people and always needs attention. [She] also can’t sit correctly,” said Cam.

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