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Katie Rockenbach and Jacob Molina

Last Winter, in an empty computer lab, we hosted our first meeting for the new The Charger Account staff. We didn’t have a class, a teacher, or much of a plan for how to move forward. We met once a week for half an hour, formed an editorial board, and wrote an editorial policy. We wanted the paper to be a part of the school community, like it was back in 2016, but it felt we lacked the time and experience to do so. 

Around April, we learned that there would be a journalism class next year to take over the paper. We were worried about sign-ups, finding an advisor, obtaining a budget, and so much more.

We ended up with so many sign-ups we couldn’t have everyone in the class and adhere to the fire code. Not wanting to lose any of the talent seeking to join our paper, we opened up a new seminar for all the students who weren’t able to be in the class. We now have a full staff of enthusiastic journalists excited to help grow the paper with us. We have so much planned for this year we couldn’t even begin to explain it to you, but we can’t wait for everyone to start seeing all our hard work.

Our goal is to cover what’s important to us and to you. We try to be as diverse in our coverage as possible, using our eight sections to cover what’s important to the school community. We are grateful to have this opportunity and hope to be a staple of the school community for years to come. 

Introducing our staff for the fall semester who are making this all happen: 


Updated on 10/3/22

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