4-wheeled fantasies

Lukas Ginder

“Life is a highway, a highway, and I’m gonna ride it all night long,” sang Rascal Flatts. A giant chunk of metal, forged together with nuts and bolts, transporting the likes of me and you worldwide. Introducing “4 Wheeled Fantasies,” where you will embark on a journey to discover the goofiest and coolest cars driven by your fellow DP students. This addition highlights Ryan Watson and Milo Krueger’s magnificent motor automobiles.

Ryan Watson’s (11) 2007 Ford Expedition parked in the DP parking lot. “It’s marvelous for many reasons,” said Ryan. “I have about 40,000 calories worth of food hidden in the car.”

When you lay your eyes on this car driving down the block, you should see, smell, and taste the circus. The lifetime of this car began 15 years ago when it was purchased by the Watson family when Ryan was two-years-old. This once brand new car now has a caved-in bumper, a big red “racing stripe” from an accident, check engine lights that have been on for a year, a gas gauge, an AC that doesn’t work, a plate of eggs in the center console, AND a whopping 300,000 miles. Take a deep breath, have a seat, and prepare for an unbelievable story about Ryan’s car.

One day, after a long volleyball practice, Ryan dropped off a friend at their house. While driving out of the cul-de-sac, with the window down, playing music, a man with angry eyes ran up to the moving vehicle. The man swung at the car and landed a punch on the side view mirror. The side view mirror broke and popped out of place, shattering. To Ryan and friends, this man will be forever known as the malicious mirror menace.

Milo Krueger’s (11) 2005 E46 M3 Coupe sitting at the bottom of Farren road on September 17th, 2022. Describing an absolute beast of a vehicle, Milo left us with the word, “Swanky.”

A bird? A plane? No, that was Milo Krueger’s “4 wheeled fantasy” whizzing by. A car with a history, this bad boy has driven 180 mph on a closed course in Mexico. This manual beauty has competition parts including rims, a front bumper, and others. After being in the family for two years, Milo has repainted it four times, further perfecting an already perfect vehicle. He wisely purchased the car at the lowest on the market for $3,600, and after two years, the BMW appreciated, creating an unbelievable $30,000+ car.

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