High School Musical Feature

Laurie Bailey
Andrew Diffenderfer and Annabel Contreras

Jake: What character do you play in High School Musical?

Annabel: She’s shy, she’s cute, she’s a math nerd, she can sing and she’s quirky. I mean she’s not a nerd, nerd is like in a positive way.

Jake: Do you relate to your character?

Annabel: Yes, actually. Ok well I’m not very good at math but I relate to um, the cute part. I’m just kidding, I’m just kidding. I relate to the shyness that she has and so it was really hard for me to start trying to get into character when I’m already awkward enough to pass as Gabriella in real life.

Jake: What was your reaction to finding out you got Gabriella Montez?

Annabel: Well I woke up at 1 o’clock pm on Saturday. When I woke up I found out they were announcing the parts and it was this other guy in the cast who texted me saying that I got the role and saying congratulations on getting Gabriella and I was like “woah.” And that’s it, that’s basically the extent; I didn’t really scream or cry or like fall to the floor and faint and pass out and like go to the emergency room but I was happy.

Jake: How are you putting your own little twist on Gabriella Montez?

Annabel: Oh you know, I’m being a little bit more awkward than usual and I’m adding vibrato to the songs. And I’m just being more exciting and spicy because we have a special character-person bond. The spin is that she’s me.

Jake: What’s your favorite part of being in the cast?

Annabel: Getting to know the songs and getting to connect to High School Musical even more because I loved it growing up.

Sophomore Biz Fletcher stars as Sharpay Evans, a ruthless and cunning girl.

Jake: Do you relate to your character?

Biz: No. I mean I am a theater kid, but I really really really hope that I’m not as annoying and mean as she is, and I really hope people like me more than they like Sharpay Evans.

Jake: What’s your favorite part of playing your character?

Biz: The dancing and the singing. I love my scene partner so much—I love my scene partner more than literally anything in the world. His name is Kai and I love him. He is my light and he is so talented and amazing and wonderful and I literally love him.

Jake: What’s your favorite part of being in the cast?

Biz: The friends I’ve made.

Jake: Anything else you would like to add?

Biz: I think more people should do the theater program because it honestly is such a light in my life and we need more talented and wonderful people. Everyone can sing and act if they try!

Sophomore Andrew Diffenderfer stars as Troy Bolton, a jock conflicted between pursuing theater and basketball.

Jake: How do you relate to your character?

Andrew: I used to play basketball a lot growing up. That used to be my passion and I was always like “oh I want to go to the NBA when I’m older.” Then when I got into high school I did a lot of theater and worked on that. I just feel like I can relate a lot to him because we kinda have the same thing because Troy is conflicted between baseball and theater and I kind of have the same relationship as him.

Jake: What is your favorite part of playing Troy Bolton?

Andrew: “Get Your Head In The Game.” I like being able to dribble moves on stage and be in a team again but onstage.

Jake: How have you put your own twist on the character of Troy Bolton?

Andrew: I definitely do a couple of extra singing runs. I guess he’s more of a nice guy but I’m playing him more of a jock who starts warming up to being a nice guy.

Jake: What’s your favorite part of being in the cast?

Andrew: Working as a team, getting to know everyone in the class. It definitely brings a different sense of team bonding. You really get to know each person and what they can do, so in future casting you know “oh this persons good for playing that role.”

Jake: Anything else you’d like to add?

Andrew: Come see High School Musical. Get your head in the game!


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