Political club views on Trump’s arrest


Kashaf Iftikhar

On Tuesday, April 4, 2023, Donald Trump became the first former U.S. president to be indicted. (Graphic by Kashaf Iftikhar)

On April 4, 2023, Trump was taken into custody for falsely labeling New York business records beginning in 2016 with the intention of conducting campaign fraud. Moreover, Trump is being convicted of 34 felonies, for which he has pleaded not guilty.

“They [the court] wouldn’t be prosecuting him with anything unless they have a lot of evidence against him because otherwise it would just be a waste of time,” said junior Ridley Crouch, a member of the DP Left club.

Shortly after being released from court, Trump gave a speech in Palm Beach, Florida, in front of his family and supporters. Despite Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s advice against it, as it may hurt his case. The speech consisted of Trump claiming that the 2020 election was stolen, comparing the Biden administration to the Soviet Union, and calling Bragg a criminal.

It is also believed that Trump purposely intended to target the district attorney and his family because his comments may lead to a conflict of interest, which will replace the current attorney. He continued this through his Truth Social account, calling Bragg an animal and further attacking his former lawyer, Michael Cohen.

“Going after the family of an attorney is not okay under any circumstances; he is a political figure, and he should choose his words wisely,” said Young Americans for Freedom club president Leighton Spalinger.

Members of DP Left and YAFF agreed that the indictment is political. Ridley believes that the controversies he spread throughout his presidency, including inciting an insurrection, should lead Trump’s convictions to increase. However, so long as Trump ends up in jail, the majority of Americans are content, a poll from CNN shows.

“People are attacking Trump because of the change he wants to make in America,” Leighton said.

It is worth noting that even if arrested, Trump is still eligible to run for office, even though convicted felons can’t vote. In theory, Trump is able to run a campaign behind bars.

DP Left club president Finnegan says this is unfair and doesn’t make sense because incarcerated people aren’t able to vote, and they are the most sensitive to the laws made on the outside. Similarly, Leighton commented that as long as they have completed their duties as citizens, specifically paying their taxes, then there is no reason their votes should not be counted.

“This is a big moment; if they fail now, it might be hard to get another charge on him ever again,” Ridley said.

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