Elizabeth Yancey: Black Student Union Club


Sajar Iftikhar

Elizabeth Yancy (12) posing in front of Black Student Union Club building H-32.

Elizabeth Yancy (12) is the President of the Black Student Union club.

Sajar: When and where does [the Black Student Union] take place?

Elizabeth: It takes place every other Wednesday in H-32.

Sajar: Why was the Black Student Union club created?

Elizabeth: It was created for the black minority group because not [often do] we get to be together and talk about everything that we experience.

Sajar: What do you do in the club?

Elizabeth: We play games and plan events. We are supposed to attend the Black Union Student conference in Southern California. We do this to connect with other black people and get tours of other college campuses. It is a community where I feel safe because sometimes other people do not understand what we experience or feel. It is a way where we can share our stories and feel heard.

Sajar: Were there any difficulties with [keeping the club going]?

Elizabeth: Well, our past advisor Mr. Sherman ended up retiring so it was difficult to find a new advisor that could maintain that safe space since Mr. Sherman was black. It was a bit of a change but luckily we got a new advisor, Ms. Guerrero and she is really sweet, I love her so much.

Sajar: What is your favorite part about the club?

Elizabeth: I think my favorite part is being able to see everyone and connect. My freshman year it was very nice to have new people to talk to and feel safe. Even it being my freshman year it felt more welcoming to the campus because I felt like I was being heard and seen. It was a way to be included and participate in clubs.

Sajar: Do you have any other thoughts [you’d like] to add?

Elizabeth: I know I emphasize it and talk about it a lot but I feel like even if you are not black you can still always come. We also eat pizza and talk about upcoming events, plan activities to do in the greek, and sometimes plan things we want to do in black history month. We also take trips, we are doing one in Cal Poly. It is an annual thing in which we connect with other black students from different schools.

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