Standing out


You know when you get the feeling of a perfect fall day, the breeze blowing your
hair all over the place and goosebumps filling your arms and legs? Are the tops of
every tree in the neighborhood starting to turn a red or rusty orange color? Well,
that’s exactly how I feel right now. My name is Tiana. Life really can’t get any
better in the neighborhood of Springfield, Illinois. Is it the 2nd or 3rd of
November? I can’t remember. The lack of sleep from staying up all night and
working on my science project is finally getting to me. The thought of going to
science and having to sit next to Vanessa is making my stomach feel gutted. That
is quite a dramatic statement, I must admit, but it’s true.

I don’t realize Lisa is trying to talk to me as I stare off into space. Staring off into
the distance is a result of my medical conditions, something I can’t control. The
gigantic poster colored in gray, yellow, and red markers, screams at me with all of
the obnoxious colors, announcing “Clarence R. Edward Middle School Spirit Day
Coming Soon!” Walking down the hall between the math and science classrooms
means I am going to see Lisa, my BFF. Her hazel eyes looked down at the floor,
and her short light brown hair covering the sides of her face, suddenly brighten
up and become full of life.

“How is your Monday going so far?” I ask.
“Ok, how about yours?” Lisa replies.
“My Monday is fine, but I have some concerning news to tell you. I think I have—” My
response gets cut off by the bell.
“Don’t worry, I will tell you at lunch, see you soon!” I say in the most cheerful voice my
vocal cords can make.

Lunch is the next break time, meaning I can talk to Lisa. However, it did take
about 45 min until lunchtime cause I had an assembly. After that I looked around
the courtyard, scanning everyone if I can find Lisa. I spot her walking toward me
in her usual lavender dress and her two braided pigtails. As I sit down, I tuck my
coral-colored dress under me and flick my ponytail behind me.

“So, what is it you have to tell me?” Lisa asks.
“Well, you know how I have seizures quite often now. I went to the doctor yesterday for
my monthly check-up and he said my seizures are progressively getting worse.
Lisa sighs, being absolutely speechless until she responds, “I’m sorry Tiana, I hope
everything is taken under control.” Her empathetic response makes me feel better
but I still try not to worry about it and told her everything will be fine, even
though it might not be. I am trying to drift away from this topic because it makes
me feel abnormal, so much more different than everyone else at school. What’s
the word I am looking for …isolated, that’s it. I feel extremely isolated. Our
conversation during the whole lunch period consists of a wide range of topics,
from our grades to the next spirit day which will be “Leather/Tie Dye Day.” It
feels amazing to be in such a close friendship with Lisa.

Lunch is soon over, and Lisa and I are walking by the chaotic crowds of people as
we take a sharp turn to the left to walk into science class. I love being in Mr.
Zhao’s class because all of the activities we do are interactive. The only negative
aspect of this class is Vanessa. She is just someone I don’t want to be friends with,
she is not my type of person. The second you look into her eyes, you can just tell
she is apathetic, bratty, obnoxious, and self-centered. It’s true.
“Why are you always weird-looking?” Vanessa says. I guess my mascara didn’t cover my
puffy eyes, red as a fresh strawberry!

“I don’t know, why are you always so nosy and asking these questions?” I replied. “I’m
just so curious about your life because you are so different from us,” Vanessa
says. “You know Vanessa, she was just born this way,” Lisa states.
“Well, I don’t care,” Vanessa claims.
Wow, what a conversation. Science class was much harder to get through today because
of my lack of sleep, but thankfully it was the last class of the day! I am starting to
make my way home as I feel my head spinning. I am noticing that everything
around me is spinning in circles, just like a tornado. Realizing this, I rush my way
home going as fast as my light gray converse shoes can possibly take me. My legs
are slowly turning numb because of all the pressure from running. I reached the
driveway and finally, it was over, or so I thought. The extremely pleasant breeze
is only helping the illusion of everything being over, worse. Suddenly it happens.
I fall unconsciously, just as my mom opens the front door to greet me. I try to
lever my eyes open but only the faintest ray of light gets through. I shut them and
try again. Nothing happens this time, but I can barely hear the voice of my mom
questioning, “Tiana! Tiana! Are you feeling ok”? I feel the top row of my teeth
slowly separate from the bottom row so I can open my mouth to talk. Instead of
speaking, I decided to simply nod my head.
“You just had one of your seizures again, Tiana. This is your second one in the past three
weeks,” my mom comments. Has it been my second one in only three weeks?
Now that is concerning. My mom is trying to lift me and help me back on my feet
when she realizes we need more assistance. I was still lying on the ground waiting
for more people. At least I have my mother and 2 sisters who still care for and
love me.

Completely unaware of my surroundings, I immediately recognize what has
happened. My mom has warned me about this occurring, and now it is happening
to me at this very moment. Here, I will tell you exactly what’s going on in one
word: coma. I must be in a coma, it’s the only explanation.

“After having several seizures, you can fall into a coma.” Those were my mom’s
exact words. Btw, my mother does have a Ph.D. in the medical field But now,
there is nothing I can do. My brain functions at its lowest stage and my heart still
pumps blood to the rest of my body, but I am unconscious and unaware of almost
everything around me. I can’t activate my voice to speak, respond to any other
sounds, or see anything when I try to open my eyes, but I can still hear noises.
Now, I am completely alone. Completely isolated as if I am in the middle of a
random iceberg, surrounded only by the deep blue choppy waters of Greenland.

Little do Lisa and Vanessa know, I can hear every word that comes out of their
mouth when they are near my hospital room. They step into the room leaving the
blue doors swinging behind them. “Hey, Lisa! Where’s the disgusting green bed
your BFF is lying on?” Vanessa asks in the brattiest way possible. I hear Lisa
grunt and I know she is fuming at the statement Vanessa made. “She can’t control
her emotions” and screams back.

“It’s none of your business, Tiana is in the hospital because she’s in a coma. So
now, you can leave me and Tiana alone and mind your own business.” All of the
nurses and doctors in the building gasp, as a reaction to the argument between
Lisa and Vanessa. Their faces are full of doubt, eyes looking sorry with a frown on
their mouths, and looking empathetic toward Lisa. I don’t love the fact that Lisa
pointed out my weakness to Vanessa, but truly appreciate that she stood up for
me. I hope this ends everything between Vanessa and me. I really hope it does!

Somehow, it’s hard to tell how long it’s been, but I flicked my eyes open seeing
rays of light come in. My body is lying on the mildewed hospital bed while I stare
at the ceiling. I can’t believe

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