Lila Woodard: Inside view On Fiber Arts Club


Lila made this blanket for her older sister, Tara, who is a student at UCLA (hence the utilization of the school colors: blue and gold). It is crocheted in a granny square-style pattern.

Sajar: Where do you guys meet for the Fiber Arts club?

Lila: We meet every Tuesday at lunch in S-4, which is Ms. Thomann’s room.

Sajar: What is your role in the Fiber Arts club?

Lila: I am the Vice President and take on the business side of it, so I am filling out the paperwork for the club, getting signatures, getting things approved, really just keeping us together as a function and managing the scheduling tasks.

Sajar: What is your favorite thing you have created in Fiber Arts club?

Lila: That would have to be a blanket I made last year for my sister. It was her school colors.

Sajar: What do you guys do in the Fiber Arts club?

Lila: We provide the space for people to come and learn new fiber arts which range from knitting to crocheting, sewing, embroidery, really anything you can imagine. People can work on their own projects, get help starting on a project, or learn a new skill.

Sajar: Is experience required to join Fiber Arts club?

Lila: Absolutely not, you can come in as complete beginners, never having touched anything, and we have someone who can help you that is experienced to get started.

Sajar: Are there any upcoming projects in the Fiber Arts club?

Lila: We have an ongoing collective project for the club which is creating five inch by five inch quilt squares. we sew them all together to make a big quilt so it is a little piece of everyone’s work shown in the same project.

Sajar: Are you allowed to create freely or is there a criteria?

Lila: It is pretty free form. We like it to be very low stress. It’s kind of everyone working on their own thing. We actually did a fun event back in October [for] football season, before the rival game with SM, where we yarn bombed the bunny statues across from SM in the shopping center late at night. People went and adorned the statues [in] fiber arts costume pieces so that was super fun. Really just come in, learn, relax, and have fun doing it.

Sajar: Do you have any tips for Fiber Arts?

Lila: I would say keep an open mind and really let your creativity thrive which you can do in this kind of setting and with this kind of hobby. It’s super relaxing for me. My biggest suggestion for someone getting started is to utilize the resource that is the internet. I got started learning off videos, which have now moved into more written patterns as you become a little bit more experienced.

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