Sagarika Manian gives inside view into stem Club


Sajar Iftikhar

The Stem Club in session with Sagarika Manian giving a grant presentation in T-10.

Sagarika Manian is a 10th grader taking the Vice President role in the STEM club.

Sajar: Who made the STEM club?

Sagarika: It was founded a while ago by two senior graduates, Anjali Thakrar and Alessa Somer.

Sajar: What day is the stem club?

Sagarika: You can come every Tuesday in T-10 in Ms. Ong’s room.

Sajar: What do you do in the stem club?

Sagarika: Right now it’s mainly digital, but we talk out our ideas and write them on a google doc and one thing leads to another, leading us to have an event.

Sajar: What is your goal with the stem club?

Sagarika: Our goal is to help other kids get into stem and coding.

Sajar: What is your favorite part about the stem club?

Sagarika: Probably, taking one thing and turning it into something else. I love seeing the end result after the time and months we put into the project.

Sajar: Do you have any collaborations with other schools?

Sagarika: So as of right now we are collaborating with UCSB, essentially with women interested in technology and we are planning on doing STEM events for younger kids.

Sajar: Can males come to the stem club?

Sagarika: Yes, anyone is welcome!

Sajar: Is there a specific website where we can see the past stem projects?

Sagarika: Yes, it’s called We also have a donation section since we are a nonprofit organization.

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