Let’s game out!

A photojournalist article of the Tabletop Gaming club


The Tabletop Gaming club is dedicated to fun and games, with each of its members bringing their own games to the table. Typical meeting days are Tuesdays and Thursdays right after school. Most members bring a board game, but it isn’t a necessity. Anyone and everyone can join at any time.
During the course of the game, Ryan Wong talked (second chair on the right side of the table) about his experience during the club. Ryan said, “It’s just fun. Like crazy. People…bring Catan every day…You also have your magic reality people, which I’m pretty sure is in the new batch of freshmen that came in, which is just card games and also more fun.”
During the course of the game, players often take time to make builds out of spare pieces. This could be structures such as staircases, or animals like dogs, or even entire castles. Shown above is a dragon made by one of the players.
Shown is a game of Catan in progress. This game was done so that the middle of the map was left as land to discover by the players. It was made possible by the use of the Seafarers Expansion pack of Catan.
Overall, the club gets a fair bit of attention with the active people ranging from a low of 5 to at max about 10-15. This leads to some very interesting game days as well as some degrees of chaos. The discord can get out of hand on some occasions, but what’s the fun in games without a little bit of chaos?
Additionally, club member Brandon Wright (not pictured) spoke about his time overall. Brandon said, “My experience has been overwhelmingly positive…through playing the same exact game with the same exact people, for a couple club meetings straight, I ended up becoming friends with everyone who plays Catan there.”

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